The Founder of Sarasota’s first dedicated indoor cycling studio is Reid Withrow. Reid is a graduate from the University of Florida. He is a lifelong fitness enthusiast, and has earned his rings for being an athlete playing semi-pro football. Reid combined his passion for the fitness industry along with his unique style of décor and fashion into creating ON1 Cycle. In addition, he is an experienced trainer of specialized fitness groups. Reid has done specialty work in marketing and advertising for a variety of businesses. Reid is a certified instructor through MADD Dogg Athletics as well as RealRyder.



Leniza has an enormous amount of passion for fitness, and is extremely energetic which inspires others to reach for their highest potential. Her vision in her classes is to make you stronger, and to reach even higher than you thought imaginable. Come take a ryde with Leniza, and you will not only leave entertained, but you will work harder then ever. Leniza is a fitness enthusiast, which lead to her to become a certified Real Ryder cycle instructor. Her love of fitness and passion will motivate you to kill it during her class. She is currently a Theater and Spanish teacher for the last 10 years, so she knows how to motivate and make every student to reach their fullest potential. She uses high energy dance music to help others push past their comfort zones, and leave her class feeling exhilarated. Ryde with Leniza, and you’ll be hooked for life!!


Michael Fulton

Michael has been a fitness enthusiast for has long as he can remember. He is passionate about health and wellness, and staying physically active. He has a background in Information Technology, in which staying mentally and physically fit goes a long way in the everyday challenges and changes of the technology field. He currently works at IMG Performance Academy and is actively pursuing an IMG Ignite 360 sports performance training system certification. Michael has been an avid Spinner for two years and made the transition to instructing for the past year. What you can expect from his class and style is constant movements and dynamic positioning’s. And of course lots of Real Ryding.

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