First Come First Serve, And It’s Yours.

Must Go! Asking Only $1,400

Call or Text 941-479-3976 
  • Thinking about opening up your own indoor-cycling studio?
  • Do you want the opportunity to save thousands of dollars?
  • Do you want to save hours of precious of time?
  • All you need are the bikes and a facility, the rest is shipped to you. 
  • What does this package deal include?
  1. Domains Ownership of both and
  2. Current Website and hidden website content
  3. Full Control and ownership of all Social Media Pages that have over 4,000 plus followers combined. (ex: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube).
  4. (1) 7 x 3 Channel Lettering Store Front Light Up Sign (paid $6k)
  5. (1) Oval Crest Clear Indoor Sign with ON1 Cycle™ Logo (paid $300)
  6. Premium Sound System that will rock your socks (paid $1,300)
  7. Transferral of ownership of official USPTO trademark, ON1 Cycle™. (paid $500)
  8. (1) X-Stand pop banner with stand (paid $120)
  9. (2) Roll Up Vertical Banners with ON1 Cycle™ Logo (paid $40 apiece)
  10. Original Business plan that was consulted by Bill Pryor, who is the Founder of Cycle Bar. (Paid $5,000)
  11. (1) Passport Hard drive with over 1000+ hours of music videos for your playlists and visuals for your studio. (paid $150, worth thousands)
  12. Box full of brand new spin bikes tools and accessories (paid $300) Ownership and files of all ON1 Cycle™ logo’s. Logo formats include all formats of vector, png, jpeg, PSD, and digitized files.  Will also provide admin login of all promotional websites that we have already paid initial set-up fees for. (Value $700)

Make Us an Offer

Call or text 941-479-3976. If you call, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned promptly.

If you like to email, you can inquire at However, if you are serious I would hope you would like to reach out and make initial contact via phone. (aka: trying to avoid unnecessary spam inquires)


ON1 Cyclewas open and very successful for 5 years, from 2011-2016. The reason why we the closed doors is because of new ownership within the space we leased. The new owners were not going to honor our existing lease we had with prior ownership, and gave us 30 days to remove all property from the premises. So after 5 years we decided to close our doors in December of 2016. We have sold the bikes, but everything listed above is here for anyone who wants to start a studio and save themselves over $10,000 in initial startup costs and hours of time. The name ON1 Cycle is very reputable and has zero debt. If knowing what I know now how expensive and stressful it is building from the ground up, and was offered an opportunity like this, I would be all over it. One example of many melt downs I personally was a simple task of picking out colors from a color wheel. They all looked the same to me, and started to blend together after a period of time. At the same time, I knew whatever I picked I was stuck with for brand consistency. This task sounds so simple, and somewhat a fun activity. However, when you have a massive list of other things to tend to before opening your doors it can become over whelming real quick. So take it from me, if I knew of an opportunity like this, I’d be all over it. Everything is done for you. All you need is the bikes, and its plug and play.


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