Client Reviews

Katie Baker

Best cycling studio I have ever been to and been a part of! Awesome team of instructors that challenge your mind and body all for the better. Well worth the 25 minute drive it takes me to get there!

Eric Gosher

A big thanks to Reid for the invitation my son Zachery said it was fun and wants to come back and he appreciated all your advice and thanks for helping the SHS football players.

Katie Wynn

Reid, I want to let you know how much I appreciate everything that you do. Before I started taking your classes I HATED working out. So much so that I would find any excuse not to go. My husband would try and push me to go and all it would do is make me feel like he was trying to tell me I NEEDED to go to the gym and would make me refuse even more. My biggest issues was how judgey people in gyms can be and it made me very self-conscience. I came across your gym by chance and for some crazy reason I decided to give it a try (despite my hatred for working out). As you know my first class was awful. Like got off the bike, wanted to go home awful. I felt like an idiot and was so embarrassed to sit in front of all of these people who I thought were judging me. The crazy thing is, is that I expected you to try and get me to keep going, but I did not expect the entire classroom to be so motivational and get me to get back on that bike. Getting back on that bike is the best thing I have ever done. I cannot thank you enough for not giving up one me. I now not only come to classes 3-4 times a week, but I work my ass off, and enjoy every second of it! You have not only caused a physical change in me, but also an attitude change. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to us all!

Amanda Lee Melissa

Been spinning for a few years, but these bikes and these instructors is a whole new, more challenging experience and better atmosphere than anywhere else I’ve been. Dig the tunes too! New favorite place!!!

Marshall Williamson

A unique experience in today’s “as seen on tv” health and fitness society. No gimmicks here. Good old hard work, a lot of energy that stems from these fantastic instructors led by Reid, some good music, and a ton of fun.

Charles Chestnut

As I sit here reviewing all my numbers (finances, clients/members, etc.) I’m realizing the true value behind the help I’ve received from Reid. Words can’t sufficiently express how blessed I am to have this man as an advisor and a friend. When I first wrote him on Instagram, seeking advice as a new entrepreneur in the fitness industry, Reid could have easily turned me away and continued with his day. However, he invited me to On1 Cycle and the 5 hour conversation we had that day was the first of many business advisory meetings we’ve had, helping me build Chestnut Performance Training (CPT) from literally one to now over 50 members. The thought processes and ideas Reid presents clearly come from a mix of knowledge and creativity that cannot be replicated. Every conversation we have had at least one point where I’m amazed at his advice and taking notes to translate it into a checklist of things to do in order to continue building my business… whether it’s related to the fitness aspect or the business endeavors… his advice always works!!! Reid, man I have to thank you for all of your help and know that I’m still picking your brain every chance I get! 2015 is going to be big!!!!! #100

 Sharron Skittles

I was in the process of opening a studio of my own and wanted to check out RealRyder studios before making my final decision! I took Reid’s 30 min class and was sold, on him and the bikes! His energy, enthusiasm and expertise makes for an awesome Ryde! I’ve taken classes all over the country and can honestly say he’s tops in his field! You all are lucky to have him, if he was in Pittsburgh, I’d want him on my team!

Noelle Segal

The bikes at this cycling studio will rock your world! Also the barre classes will tone you from head to toe. This cycling studio is my favorite place to workout at. The instructors will push you to a new fitness level. I look forward when it is time to workout with my ON1 Cycle family.

Jamie D

I absolutely love On1 Cycle and all of their incredible instructors! I never leave feeling unsatisfied with my workout! This is the best cycling studio hands down, no questions asked!! I will be “ryding” for as long as my body allows!!!

Jane Regan

Never thought I would be able to do a spin class at my age, but I have been doing it for over 2 years and I LOVE it. Such an incredible work out, hate it while doing it, but love how I feel when it is over. Give it a try, but you have to give it a few times to really know how wonderful it is.

Ann Vorhees

I had labs this week and I’m showing improvements in certain tests/functions. This serves to verify the efficacy of an exercise/fitness regimen; what makes the difference is the fitness family and so, thanks to all the lovely folks and friends (Lisa, Jane, Colleen, Hathor, Rachel, Magic Tony, Reid and crew) at On1 Cycle for all your encouragement.

Lotta Irenheim

High energy instructors, music and classes. Always something new…never the same routine. Not your ordinary spin class. On1Cycle rocks!!!


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