Class Descriptions-

Knight Ryder  Knight Ryder

Come ryde with us as we transform our RealRyder bikes into a modern day knight fighting machine. Just like the famous 1980’s TV show, Knight Ryder, we will be giving ourselves a new identity and ryde into the night. The Knight Ryde is built just like the famous ‘KITT’ Pontiac Trans-Am where “direct action might be the only feasible solution”. So let’s crank up our gears as we burn calories and turn corners and leave with a fresh new identity into the world that awaits us.

Circuit Ryde  MB TRX curcuit photo

Come Ryde the Circuit with this FULL BODY workout featuring portions of the class on the bike and off the bike. This indoor cycling class is designed for all fitness levels. Come lean into turns, and bank around corners the RealRyder way. This Ryde will challenge the entire body as well as strengthen the core and the mind.


on1-off1ON1-OFF1 is a cycle circuit class that will have you feeling stronger then ever when completed. The ON1-OFF1 gauntlet is designed as almost a cycle style boot camp. This class is a must for all fitness levels. Perfect class for beginners!

ON1-OFF1 is a mixture of being ON the bike for a 1 song seconds to a minute, then OFF the bike for 1 song. Continuing that circuit through out the class.
When ON the bike we will sprinting, climbing, or leaning into deep turns with our core.
When OFF the bike, we will be doing anything from free weights, TRX, battle ropes, kickboxing, boxing, barre express, resistance training, ab work, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Get it & GO MB cicuit photo booty

Long day at work? Are you stuck in a traffic jam after work or running errands? Come Ryde through the traffic jam with our 30 minute Get it & GO Class. This brisk 30 minute Ryde that will feature all the leans, turns, and the calorie burns you would find in all of our other classes. This class is a must do for everyone, because everyone has those long days where you just need to clear your mind.


manic monday

Manic Monday Mix Up

Does Monday have you going in all sorts of directions? Well your not the on1y on1e;) Introducing our Manic Monday Mix Up class, will have you turning into Tuesday really fast! We will be on the bike for some songs, then off the bike for an entire song doing strength training with a variety of different exercise routines.

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